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What a series of gifts!  To read the sciences of evolution, to plumb evolutionary biology, biochemistry, paleontology, and genetics.  To encounter the breathtaking beauty of life, to stand suspended at the doors of its unimaginable complexity, to open myself to other explanations of its nature.  And finally, through the creation, to  come to fresh understandings of the mind of God!  The latest Revelation, the newest Gospel!

On this website, and as written in Christianity in Evolution: Discovering the Harmony of Science and Faith 

Cover 3Aand Christianity, Evolution and the Breath of Life, I discuss how the facts of evolution, properly interpreted and then viewed through the lens of generic Christianity, can lead to breathtakingly fresh views of how God thinks.


Christianity as a faith embodies the beliefs and experiences of believers and stems from the Bible and the doctrines of its churches.  It has a cosmology written 3,000 years ago.  If its declining worldwide attendance is an indication, the public is losing interest.  On the other hand, biological and evolutionary science are the accumulation of verifiable and repeatable data and theories uniting the data.  Science has led to tangible and spectacular technological advances.  The public values this.

Christianity needs to show that it can make existential sense of all of science’s data.  It needs to face the data and     not      discount or devalue it.  Christianity needs to show that the data of evolution does not falsify it.  Rather, the Church needs to realize that the data actually informs it and is consistent with its teachings.

I intend in  these two books and in this blog to demonstrate that through close readings of the data of the sciences, particularly evolutionary biology, and the Scriptures, both Christianity and evolution inform each other.  More to the point, the facts of evolution and their accurate interpretations can combine with our faith as we commonly understand it to give us the latest Revelation and a new Gospel!  In turn, this revelation and Gospel will have theological explanatory power and an array of new and practical ideas about our Faith as we progress forward in the 21st century












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Exploring how evolution, Christianity, and the sciences inform each other, and us.