Arch Rock, Anacapa Island

Anacapa Arch, coming from the mainland
Arch Rock, Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park
Arch Rock, Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park

Arch Rock

Arch Rock ahead, ghostlike

We know by Anacapa’s horn

In shrouds of fog made incandescent

They form a mystic morn

Where gulls, sea, and wind

Speak softly of other realities

Our sails fall limp by the island’s lee

Waves crash on a distant shore

Then there it is, suddenly we see

The Arch, a bridge, a door

The sea now sparkling

In its transcendence



Dappled white on black

Redolent with life and the ages

Finding a home in its crags

We scattered our mother’s ashes there

She would have liked it


That way

Ralph H. Armstrong



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